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This entry was published on 2023-05-12
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Hazard mitigation state revolving loan fund
State Finance (STF) CHAPTER 56, ARTICLE 6
* § 99-qq. Hazard mitigation state revolving loan fund. 1. There is
hereby established in the joint custody of the state comptroller and the
commissioner of taxation and finance a fund to be known as the "hazard
mitigation revolving loan fund".

2. The fund shall consist of all moneys appropriated therefore, all
moneys received by the state pursuant to a capitalization grant from the
federal emergency management agency in accordance with the Safeguarding
Tomorrow through Ongoing Risk Mitigation Act of 2020 (STORM Act) (P.L.
116-284), payments of principal and interest on loans made from the
fund, and interest earned on amounts in the fund.

3. Moneys of the account, when allocated, shall be available to the
commissioner of the Division of Homeland Security and Emergency Services
to make loans pursuant to section seven hundred nineteen of the
executive law.

* NB There are 2 §99-qq's