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This entry was published on 2016-04-22
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Health republic insurance of New York fund
State Finance (STF) CHAPTER 56, ARTICLE 6
* § 99-y. Health republic insurance of New York fund. 1. There is
hereby established in the joint custody of the state comptroller and the
superintendent of the department of financial services a special fund to
be known as the "health republic insurance of New York fund".

2. (a) Such fund shall consist of transfers as authorized by the
director of the budget, in his or her sole discretion, between April
first, two thousand sixteen and March thirty-first, two thousand
nineteen, from amounts collected as a result of a judgement,
stipulation, decree, agreement to settle, assurance of discontinuance,
or other legal instrument resolving any claim or cause of action,
whether filed or unfiled, actual or potential, and whether arising under
common law, equity, or any provision of law, and all other monies
appropriated, credited, or transferred thereto from any other fund or
source pursuant to law.

(b) Paragraph (a) of this subdivision shall not apply to: (i) moneys
to be distributed to the federal government, to a local government, or
to any holder of a bond or other debt instrument issued by the state,
any public authority, or any public benefit corporation; (ii) moneys to
be distributed solely or exclusively as a payment of damages or
restitution to individuals or entities that were specifically injured or
harmed by the defendant's or settling party's conduct and that are
identified in, or can be identified by the terms of, the relevant
judgment, agreement to settle, assurance of discontinuance, or relevant
instrument resolving the claim or cause of action; (iii) moneys
recovered or obtained by a state agency or a state official or employee
acting in their official capacity where application of paragraph (a) of
this subdivision is prohibited by federal law, rule, or regulation, or
would result in the reduction or loss of federal funds or eligibility
for federal benefits pursuant to federal law, rule, or regulation; (iv)
moneys recovered or obtained by or on behalf of a public authority, a
public benefit corporation, the department of taxation and finance, the
workers' compensation board, the New York state higher education
services corporation, the tobacco settlement financing corporation, a
state or local retirement system, an employee health benefit program
administered by the New York state department of civil service, the
Title IV-D child support fund, the lottery prize fund, the abandoned
property fund, or an endowment of the state university of New York or
any unit thereof or any state agency, provided that all of the moneys
received or recovered are immediately transferred to the relevant public
authority, public benefit corporation, department, fund, program, or
endowment; (v) moneys to be refunded to an individual or entity as (1)
an overpayment of a tax, fine, penalty, fee, insurance premium, loan
payment, charge or surcharge; (2) a return of seized assets; or (3) a
payment made in error; and (vi) moneys to be used to prevent, abate,
restore, mitigate, or control any identifiable instance of prior or
ongoing water, land or air pollution.

3. Monies shall be paid out of this fund at the discretion of the
superintendent of the department of financial services only pursuant to
appropriation and the terms to be set forth in a future chapter of law.

4. Monies shall be paid out of this fund only after the distribution
of all assets in connection with a liquidation proceeding of Health
Republic Insurance of New York filed pursuant to article seventy-four of
the insurance law has been completed.

5. Monies shall be paid out of this fund on the audit and warrant of
the state comptroller on vouchers certified or approved by the
superintendent of the department of financial services.

* NB There are 3 § 99-y's