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This entry was published on 2022-02-11
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§ 127. Construction. a. This article shall be liberally construed to
effectuate the purposes thereof and to apportion and district this state
in compliance with the requirements of law and shall supersede any
inconsistent provision of law including but not limited to section three
of chapter seventeen of the laws of two thousand twelve.

b. It is intended that this article and the districts described
therein completely encompass all the area within the state. It is
further intended that the apportionment and districting provided for in
this article result in the creation of districts which are substantially
equal in population and contain all inhabitants in this state, based on
the Federal Census of two thousand twenty, as adjusted pursuant to the
provisions of part XX of chapter fifty-seven of the laws of two thousand
ten, as amended. It is also intended that no district shall include any
of the area included within the description of any other district.

c. The apportionment of assembly districts and senate districts shall
be deemed to be separate from each other. The invalidity of the
districts contained in one title of this article shall not affect or
require the redistricting provided by the other title of this article
when the provisions of such other title have been found to be valid by a
court of competent jurisdiction.