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This entry was published on 2014-09-22
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Cession without reservation
§ 20. Cession without reservation. Title and jurisdiction has been
ceded to the United States by this state as follows:

1. Little island in Hudson river. A tract of land known as Little
island, in the Hudson river, opposite New Baltimore, acquired by the
United States for a light-house site and keepers' dwellings.

2. Lands in West Oswego. For the purpose of excavating and removing
the same, to improve the navigation of the Oswego river, all the right
and title of the state of New York in and to the following described
property, namely: Lots one hundred and twenty-three, one hundred and
twenty-four and one hundred and twenty-five in fortification block
number two in West Oswego, New York, the same being part of the island
situate in the Oswego river near its mouth.