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This entry was published on 2014-09-22
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Cession during use for purposes thereof, with sundry reservations
§ 32. Cession during use for purposes thereof, with sundry
reservations. Title and jurisdiction to the following tract or parcel
of land has been ceded to the United States by this state upon condition
that the jurisdiction so ceded should not prevent the execution on such
tract of any process, civil or criminal, issued under the authority of
this state, nor prevent the laws of the state, not incompatible with the
purposes for which such cession is made, from operating within the
bounds of such tract; and that the United States are to retain such
jurisdiction so long only as such tract shall be used for the defense
and safety of the city of New York:

1. At New Utrecht. A tract of land in the town of New Utrecht, Kings
county, on the easterly side of the Narrows, at the entrance into the
bay of New York, and upon a reef called Hendrick's reef, described as
follows: Beginning at the northerly corner thereof, by land of Denyse D.
Denyse, at high-water mark, and near the southeasterly side of a large
rock, and running from thence S. 24Á 30' E., 7 chains and 17 links along
said high water mark to the land of Jaques Cortelyou; thence S. 64Á 45'
W., 24 chains to the southerly corner of the hereby granted premises;
thence N. 25Á 15' W., 7 chains and 17 links; thence N. 10Á 30' W., 11
chains and 70 links, to the westerly corner of the hereby granted
premises; thence S. 86Á E., 24 chains to the place of beginning,
containing 30 acres, 2 roods and 4 perches; all which courses and
bearings are taken as the magnetic needle pointed November 6, 1812,
acquired for the defense and safety of the city of New York.

The free and common passage over the waters aforesaid about the said
tract, not actually appropriated by the United States for wharves,
bridges, fortifications or public obstructions, is reserved to the
people of this state.