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This entry was published on 2014-09-22
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Cession of jurisdiction to lands acquired for light-house purposes
§ 35. Cession of jurisdiction to lands acquired for light-house
purposes. The jurisdiction to such tracts of land, not exceeding ten
acres, acquired by the United States for the construction and
maintenance of light-houses and keepers' dwellings before April
eighteenth, eighteen hundred sixty-one, or as shall have been acquired
since such date, or as shall be hereafter acquired, upon the selection
by an authorized officer of the United States, the approval of the
governor, the filing in the office of the secretary of state of a
description of the boundaries thereof, with the approval of the governor
indorsed thereon, and the filing in such office of a map thereof, which
map shall be drawn with pen and India ink upon tracing cloth and shall
be otherwise in form and manner suitable to the files, records and
purposes of the office of the secretary of state, is ceded to the United
States, upon condition that the jurisdiction so ceded shall not prevent
the execution thereon of any process, civil or criminal, issued under
the authority of the state, except as such process might affect the
property of the United States therein, and that such jurisdiction shall
continue in the United States so long only as the land shall be used and
occupied for the purposes of the cession, unless the consent of the
state to a different use shall have been granted.