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This entry was published on 2014-09-22
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Article not to apply to Orange county; exception
§ 57. Article not to apply to Orange county; exception. This article
shall not apply to the county of Orange, except with respect to a
certain tract, piece or parcel of land in the town of Newburgh in such
county containing two hundred twenty-one and eight-tenths acres more or
less, commonly known and designated both as Newburgh airport and as
Stewart field, and except with respect to additional lands adjoining and
contiguous to such airport and field, as now constituted, aggregating
not more than one thousand acres, and also except with respect to lands
in the town of Cornwall adjoining and contiguous to lands in such town
now owned by the United States and to state highway number eighty-five
hundred, part one, aggregating not more than two and one-half acres, and
except with respect to Otisville federal correctional institute, in the
town of Mount Hope, aggregating not more than two hundred seventy-six
and one-half acres.