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This entry was published on 2014-09-22
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Lands to be acquired; commission
§ 58. Lands to be acquired; commission. Whenever any lands, structures
or waters, situated within the boundaries of this state, are, in the
judgment of the governor, necessary for purposes of public defense, or
for other public purposes incidental thereto including public highway
purposes, the estates, titles and interests in and to such lands,
structures or waters, belonging to or vested in any person, corporation
or municipality, may be acquired by the state as provided in this
article. If any of such lands are, in the judgment of the governor,
needed for public highway purposes leading to, from, across or around
such appropriated lands, such estate as may in his judgment be necessary
therefor may be acquired in such strips of land, not exceeding one
hundred feet in width, as in his judgment are needed for such purposes.
The governor shall, whenever lands, structures or waters, to be
designated by him, are required for such purposes, direct the
adjutant-general, attorney-general, and the commissioner of
transportation, to take such actions and institute such proceedings as
may be necessary to acquire such lands and easements in the name and for
the benefit of the people of the state. Such officers when so directed
are in each instance hereby constituted a temporary commission for the
purpose of acquiring title to the lands so designated and the structures
and waters thereon.