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This entry was published on 2014-09-22
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Governor may cede jurisdiction
§ 59-l. Governor may cede jurisdiction. The governor of New York
state, upon application by the United Nations, is authorized, to execute
in duplicate, in the name of the state and under its great seal, a deed
or release of the state ceding jurisdiction, to such extent and on such
conditions as he may deem proper, of any land in the state acquired by
the United Nations. Jurisdiction may be ceded directly to the United
Nations or to the United States of America for the use and benefit of
the United Nations. The application shall describe the land by metes and
bounds and have endorsed thereon or annexed thereto the certificate of
the attorney-general of this state that the United Nations is in
possession of such land under full and complete title. The jurisdiction
hereby authorized to be ceded shall continue with respect to such land
as long as such land shall remain the property of the United Nations and
be used exclusively for the purpose of establishing and maintaining
thereon headquarters for offices and for places of assembly for carrying
on the functions of the United Nations, and no longer.