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This entry was published on 2014-09-22
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Jurisdiction and ownership of offshore waters and lands thereunder
§ 7-a. Jurisdiction and ownership of offshore waters and lands
thereunder. 1. The jurisdiction of this state shall extend to and over,
and be exercisable with respect to, waters offshore from the coasts of
this state as follows:

(a) Those portions of the Great Lakes lying within the territorial
limits of this state.

(b) The marginal sea to a line three geographical miles distant from
the coast line and to any other line farther seaward therefrom
hereinafter defined or recognized by the United States of America by
international treaty or otherwise.

(c) The high seas to whatever extent jurisdiction therein may be
claimed by the United States of America, or to whatever extent may be
recognized by the usages and customs of international law or by any
agreement, international or otherwise, to which the United States of
America or this state may be party.

(d) all submerged lands, including the subsurface thereof, lying under
said aforementioned waters.

2. The ownership of the waters and subsurface lands enumerated or
described in subdivision one of this section shall be in this state
unless it shall be, with respect to any given parcel or area, in any
other person or entity by virtue of a valid and effective instrument of
conveyance or by operation of law.

3. Nothing contained herein shall be construed to limit or restrict in
any way (1) the jurisdiction of this state over any person or with
respect to any subject within or without the state which jurisdiction is
exercisable by reason of citizenship, residence or for any other reason
recognized by law; (2) jurisdiction or ownership of or over any other
waters or lands thereunder, within or forming part of the boundaries of
this state. Nor shall anything herein be construed to impair the
exercise of legislative jurisdiction by the United States of America
over any area to which such jurisdiction has been validly ceded by this
state and which remains in the ownership of the United States of