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This entry was published on 2021-07-09
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State Technology (STT) CHAPTER 57-A, ARTICLE 3
§ 307. Exceptions. This article shall not apply:

1. To any document providing for the disposition of an individual's
person or property upon death or incompetence, or appointing a fiduciary
of an individual's person or property, including, without limitation,
wills, trusts, decisions consenting to orders not to resuscitate, powers
of attorney and health care proxies, with the exception of: (a)
contractual beneficiary designations; (b) the registration of making,
amending, or revoking an anatomical gift under section forty-three
hundred ten of the public health law; and (c) documents and forms
authorizing or accepting funeral, cemetery and cremation services.

2. To any negotiable instruments and other instruments of title
wherein possession of the instrument is deemed to confer title, unless
an electronic version of such record is created, stored or transferred
pursuant to this article in a manner that allows for the existence of
only one unique, identifiable and unalterable version which cannot be
copied except in a form that is readily identifiable as a copy.

3. To any other document that the electronic facilitator has
specifically excepted, pursuant to the rules and regulations of the
electronic facilitator, from the application of this article.