1. The Laws of New York
  2. Consolidated Laws
  3. Tax
  4. Article 28-C: Supplemental Tax On Vapor Products

Section 1186 Deposit and disposition of revenue

Tax (TAX)

The taxes, interest, and penalties imposed by this article and collected or received by the commissioner shall be deposited daily with such responsible banks, banking houses or trust companies, as may be designated by the comptroller, to the credit of the comptroller in trust for the tobacco control and insurance initiatives pool established by section ninety-two-dd of the state finance law and distributed by the commissioner of health in accordance with section twenty-eight hundred seven-v of the public health law. Such deposits will be kept separate and apart from all other money in the possession of the comptroller. The comptroller shall require adequate security from all such depositories. Of the total revenue collected or received under this article, the comptroller shall retain such amount as the commissioner may determine to be necessary for refunds under this article. Provided, however that the commissioner is authorized and directed to deduct from the amounts he or she receives from the registration fees under section eleven hundred eighty-three of this article, before deposit into the tobacco control and insurance initiatives pool, a reasonable amount necessary to effectuate refunds of appropriations of the department to reimburse the department for the costs incurred to administer, collect and distribute the taxes imposed by this article.