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This entry was published on 2018-04-27
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Cooperation by regulatory agencies
§ 1299-I. Cooperation by regulatory agencies. All regulatory agencies
shall cooperate with and assist the commissioner to effectuate the
purposes of this article and the commissioner's responsibilities
hereunder. Such cooperation shall include obtaining, furnishing, and
timely updating current, complete and accurate names, addresses and all
other information concerning: (1) every for-hire vehicle owner,
operator, and driver of for-hire vehicles licensed or permitted by such
licensing agency; (2) every agent of such person, if any; and (3) any
other person or entity that is licensed or permitted by such licensing
agency. Such cooperation shall also include furnishing to the
commissioner all written, computerized, automated or electronic records
in the regulatory agency's possession, or in the possession of any of
its agents, instrumentalities, contractors, or any other person
authorized or required to obtain or possess such records or information,
that account for any transportation and operation for hire provided by a
licensed or permitted person or entity. Such information shall be
provided to the commissioner without cost, and in a format prescribed by
the commissioner.