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This entry was published on 2014-09-22
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Preparation and sale of stamps
§ 1406. Preparation and sale of stamps. (a) The tax commission shall
prepare adhesive documentary stamps for purposes of the real estate
transfer tax of such design, in such form, in such denominations and in
such quantities as it may from time to time deem advisable. The tax
commission shall make provision for the sale of such stamps by its duly
authorized agent or agents in such places, at such times and subject to
such terms and conditions as in its judgment may be necessary.

(b) The tax commission may from time to time and as often as it deems
advisable provide for the issuance and exclusive use of stamps of a new
design and forbid the use of stamps of any other design. In order to
make such a change and discontinue the use of stamps of a former design,
the tax commission shall publish once in each week for each of three
months immediately preceding the time when such change shall take
effect, in one or more daily newspapers published in each of the first
and second class cities of the state, a notice to the effect that after
a certain date, which shall be at least three months after the first
publication of such notice, only the new issue or design of stamps shall
be accepted or used to pay the real estate transfer tax. After such
date, it shall be unlawful for any person to make use of any other than
the new issue or design of stamps in payment of such tax.

(c) Any person lawfully in possession of unused stamps of an old or
superseded issue or design may, within ninety days from the time when
such change becomes effective, surrender the unused stamps to the tax
commission together with a sworn statement setting forth the name and
address of the owner and party surrendering the stamps, how, when and
from whom they were acquired and such other information as the tax
commission may require. The tax commission shall redeem such unused and
surrendered stamps by exchanging stamps of a like denomination of the
new issue or design for them.

(d) Notwithstanding the provisions of sections seven and eight of the
state printing law, the tax commission is hereby directed to make, enter
into and execute for and on behalf of the state such contract or
contracts for dyes, plates and printing necessary for the manufacture of
the stamps provided for by this article. The tax commission shall be the
custodian of all stamps, dyes, plates or other material or thing
furnished by it and used in the manufacture of such state tax stamps.

(e) This section shall not apply to the extent the commissioner of
taxation and finance chooses not to use documentary stamps for purposes
of this tax.