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This entry was published on 2014-09-22
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Delivery of funds; designation of banks
§ 1611. Delivery of funds; designation of banks. a. Except as
otherwise provided in this section, all moneys received by any and all
lottery sales agents from the sales of lottery tickets, including any
lottery tickets, for the support of winter sports physical education in
commemoration of the XIII olympic winter games if any, less the amount,
if any, retained pursuant to paragraph nine of subdivision a of section
sixteen hundred four of this article shall be delivered to the division.
The division shall immediately deposit to its credit all such moneys
received in banks, banking houses or trust companies designated by the
commissioner and the comptroller. The division in its discretion, may
require any or all lottery sales agents to deposit such moneys to the
division's credit in banks, banking houses or trust companies designated
by it, with the approval of the commissioner and the comptroller and to
file with the division reports of their receipts and transactions in the
sale of lottery tickets in such form and containing such information as
the division may require. The withdrawal, pursuant to section sixteen
hundred twelve of this article, of moneys so deposited by the division
or lottery sales agents shall be subject to a check signed by the
director or such officers or employees of the division as the director
may designate.

b. The division may make arrangements for any person, including a
bank, banking house or trust company, to perform such functions,
activities or services in connection with the operation of the lottery
as the division may prescribe and such functions, activities and
services shall constitute lawful functions, activities and services of
such person.