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This entry was published on 2014-09-22
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Contracts for dies; expenses, how paid
§ 274. Contracts for dies; expenses, how paid. The tax commission is
hereby directed to make, enter into and execute for and in behalf of the
state such contract or contracts for dies, plates and printing necessary
for the manufacture of the stamps provided for by this article, and
provide such stationery and clerk hire together with such books and
blanks as in its discretion may be necessary for putting into operation
the provisions of this article; the tax commission shall be the
custodian of all stamps, dies, plates or other material or thing
furnished by it and used in the manufacture of such state tax stamps,
and all expenses incurred by it and under its direction in carrying out
the provisions of this article shall be paid to it by the state
treasurer from any moneys appropriated for such purpose.