1. The Laws of New York
  2. Consolidated Laws
  3. Tax
  4. Article 13-A: Tax On Petroleum Businesses

Section 301-M Credit or reimbursement for certain governmental purchases by credit card

Tax (TAX)

Credit or reimbursement for certain governmental purchases by credit card. Notwithstanding any provision of the law to the contrary, tax paid pursuant to this article in respect to motor fuel or diesel motor fuel purchased by a government entity and paid for by such government entity with a credit card shall be reimbursed or credited to the issuer of the credit card used for such purchase or the fuel distributor designated in accordance with and subject to the provisions of sections eleven hundred thirty-eight, eleven hundred thirty-nine, eleven hundred forty-two, and eleven hundred forty-five of this chapter concerning such credit card issuers, fuel distributors and government entities. Such provisions shall apply with respect to the administration of and procedure with respect to the taxes imposed under this article in the same manner and with the same force and effect as if the language of such provisions had been incorporated in full into this article and had expressly referred to the tax under this article, with such modifications as may be necessary in order to adapt the language of such provisions to the taxes imposed by this article, except to the extent that any such provision is not relevant to this article.