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This entry was published on 2018-04-27
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Deposit and disposition of revenue
§ 805. Deposit and disposition of revenue. (a) The taxes, interest,
and penalties imposed by this article and collected or received by the
commissioner shall be deposited daily with such responsible banks,
banking houses or trust companies, as may be designated by the
comptroller, to the credit of the comptroller in trust for the
metropolitan transportation authority. An account may be established in
one or more of such depositories. Such deposits will be kept separate
and apart from all other money in the possession of the comptroller. The
comptroller shall require adequate security from all such depositories.
Of the total revenue collected or received under this article, the
comptroller shall retain such amount as the commissioner may determine
to be necessary for refunds under this article. The commissioner is
authorized and directed to deduct from the amounts it receives under
this article, before deposit into the trust accounts designated by the
comptroller, a reasonable amount necessary to effectuate refunds of
appropriations of the department to reimburse the department for the
costs incurred to administer, collect and distribute the taxes imposed
by this article.

(b) On or before the twelfth and twenty-sixth day of each succeeding
month, after reserving such amount for such refunds and deducting such
amounts for such costs, as provided for in subsection (a) of this
section, the commissioner shall certify to the comptroller the amount of
all revenues so received during the prior month as a result of the
taxes, interest and penalties so imposed. The amount of revenues so
certified shall be paid over by the fifteenth and the final business day
of each succeeding month from such account without appropriation into
the metropolitan transportation authority finance fund established
pursuant to section twelve hundred seventy-h of the public authorities
law, provided, however, that the comptroller shall ensure that any
payments to the metropolitan transportation authority finance fund which
are due to be paid by the final business day in the month of December
pursuant to this subsection shall be received by the metropolitan
transportation authority finance fund on the same business day in which
it is paid.