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This entry was published on 2021-04-23
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Imposition and rate of tax
§ 862. Imposition and rate of tax. A tax is hereby imposed for each
taxable year on the pass-through entity taxable income of every electing
partnership and every electing S corporation. This tax shall be in
addition to any other taxes imposed under this chapter and shall be
determined in accordance with the following table:

For each taxable year beginning on or after January first, two
thousand twenty-one: If pass-through entity taxable income is: Not
over $2,000,000 6.85% of taxable income. Over $2,000,000 but not over
$5,000,000 $137,000 plus 9.65% of the excess over $2,000,000. Over
$5,000,000 but not over $25,000,000 $426,500 plus 10.30% of excess over
$5,000,000. Over $25,000,000 $2,486,500 plus 10.90% of the excess over