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This entry was published on 2014-09-22
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Limitation of powers
Transportation Corporations (TCP) CHAPTER 63, ARTICLE 8
§ 101. Limitation of powers. Nothing in this article shall be so
construed as to permit any such corporation to engage in manufacture or
production, except for its own use, of power, heat, light, supplies and
equipment or to carry on the business of generating, selling or
distributing electricity for light, heat or power, nor shall the right,
operation and use of such privileges be extended beyond the streets or
marginal streets bounding or occupied by the property owned or operated
by such corporation. No railroad corporation, and no corporation or
joint-stock association engaged in carrying on an express business,
shall either directly or indirectly, or through the medium of a holding
company or otherwise, purchase, acquire or hold, any stock, bond or
evidence of indebtedness issued by any such corporation.