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This entry was published on 2014-09-22
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Refusal or neglect to pay rent
Transportation Corporations (TCP) CHAPTER 63, ARTICLE 2
§ 15. Refusal or neglect to pay rent. If any person supplied with gas
or electric light by any such corporation, except residential customers
supplied pursuant to article two of the public service law shall neglect
or refuse to pay the rent or remuneration due for the same or for the
wires, pipes or fittings let by the corporation, for supplying or using
such gas or electric light or for ascertaining the quantity consumed or
used as required by his contract with the corporation, or shall refuse
or neglect, after being required so to do, to make the deposit required,
such corporation may discontinue the supply of gas or electric light to
the premises of such person; and the officers, agents or workmen of such
corporation may enter into or upon such premises between the hours of
eight o'clock in the forenoon and six o'clock in the afternoon, and
separate and carry away any meter, pipe, fittings, wires or other
property of such corporation, and may disconnect any meter, pipe,
fittings, wires or other works whether the property of the corporation
or not, from the mains, pipes or wires of the corporation. But the
supply of gas or electric light shall not be discontinued for
non-payment of bills rendered for service until and after a five-day
written notice has been served upon such person either by delivering the
same to such person personally or by mailing the same in post-paid
wrapper addressed to such person at premises where service is rendered.