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This entry was published on 2018-04-20
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Powers and duties of the board
Transportation (TRA) CHAPTER 61-A, ARTICLE 9-B
§ 217. Powers and duties of the board. The board shall have the
following powers and duties:

1. To investigate accidents occurring on or involving public
transportation facilities or systems whether publicly or privately owned
and report on the results of such investigations;

2. To establish within the board an accident reporting procedure and
file for the purpose of accurate analysis of public transportation
safety and to prepare an annual accident report for the governor and the

3. To review, in connection with the investigation of accidents the
safety, maintenance and training programs of public transportation
facilities or systems whether publicly or privately owned and recommend
the establishment of equipment and safety standards in connection

4. To adopt, promulgate, amend and rescind suitable rules and
regulations to carry out the provisions and purposes of this article or
to enforce any standards established hereunder;

5. To hold hearings, issue reports, administer oaths or affirmations,
examine any person under oath or affirmation and to issue subpoenas
requiring the attendance and giving of testimony of witnesses and
require the production of any books, papers, documentary or other
evidence. The powers provided in this subdivision may be delegated by
the board to any member of the board or department employee assigned to
the board. A subpoena issued under this subdivision shall be regulated
by the civil practice law and rules;

6. To take or cause to be taken affidavits or depositions within or
without the state;

7. To enter upon any property where a public transportation accident
has occurred, or where a vehicle, appurtenance or other item involved in
any such accident is located, to fulfill the requirements of article
nine-b of this chapter.

8. To render each year to the governor and to the legislature a
written report of its activities.

9. To enforce the requirements of section five thousand three hundred
twenty-nine of title forty-nine of the United States Code, as amended
from time to time, as it pertains to oversight of rail fixed guideway
public transportation systems.