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This entry was published on 2014-09-22
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Transportation (TRA) CHAPTER 61-A, ARTICLE 17
§ 421. Definitions. As used in this article, the following terms shall
include and mean:

1. "Transportation infrastructure renewal project". The construction,
reconstruction, improvement, reconditioning, and preservation, including
the acquisition of real property and interests therein required or
expected to be required in connection therewith, of:

a. state highways and bridges, state parkways and bridges, highways
and bridges not on the state highway system, including the improvement
and/or elimination of highway-railroad grade crossings, and commuter
rail parking facilities;

b. ports, marine terminals, canals and waterways; and

c. rail rapid transit, commuter rail, omnibus systems and facilities,
rail passenger facilities, rail freight facilities, and airport and
aviation capital facilities.

2. "Municipality". A city or a county not wholly contained within a
city, a town, village, public benefit corporation or other public
corporation, or two or more of the foregoing acting jointly.

3. "Commissioner". The commissioner of transportation of the state of
New York.

4. "Department". The department of transportation of the state of New

5. "Municipal transportation infrastructure renewal project". A
transportation infrastructure renewal project undertaken by a
municipality with funds provided in whole or in part by the Rebuild New
York Through Transportation Infrastructure Renewal Bond Act of 1983
pursuant to an agreement between such municipality and the commissioner.

6. "Federal assistance". Funds available, other than by loan, from the
federal government to a municipality, either directly or through
allocation by the state, for any municipal transportation infrastructure
renewal project.

7. "Municipal project cost". The actual cost of a municipal
transportation infrastructure renewal project or the estimated
reasonable cost thereof as determined by the commissioner, whichever is
less, plus any direct incidental costs of such project approved by the
state comptroller, and less any federal assistance received or to be
received by the state for such project.

8. "New York state content program". Actions taken by the commissioner
in concert with the commissioner of commerce, a municipality, or a
contractor to encourage the participation of suppliers and contractors
located within New York state, to the extent permissible under
applicable federal regulations.