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This entry was published on 2014-09-22
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Powers and duties of the commissioner
Transportation (TRA) CHAPTER 61-A, ARTICLE 21
* § 472. Powers and duties of the commissioner. In addition to other
powers provided for in law, the commissioner is hereby authorized:

1. To provide for the accomplishment of any authorized transportation
infrastructure project, and to provide for the accomplishment of any
authorized municipal transportation infrastructure project, within the
limitations of appropriations available therefor, pursuant to contract
between the commissioner and the municipality undertaking such project.

2. To utilize federal moneys available or which may become available
to the state, or to a municipality in the form of federal assistance for
the purpose of effectuating the provisions of this article.

3. To enter into contracts with any person, firm, corporation, agency
or other entity, private or governmental, for the purpose of
effectuating the provisions of this article.

4. To promulgate such rules and regulations, and to develop such forms
and procedures as he or she may deem appropriate to effectuate the
provisions of this article, including but not limited to requirements
for the form, content and submission of applications by municipalities
for state financial assistance for municipal transportation
infrastructure projects.

5. To approve vouchers for the payment of state financial assistance
to persons, firms, corporations or agencies, private and governmental,
and municipalities pursuant to contracts for the accomplishment of
municipal transportation infrastructure projects.

6. To perform such other and additional acts as he or she deems
necessary or desirable to effectively carry out the provisions of this

* NB Not effective due to defeat of the Transportation Bond Act of