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This entry was published on 2019-01-11
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Absentee leave
§ 157. Absentee leave. Every member of such police department shall be
entitled, in addition to any vacation or absentee leave now prescribed
by law, to one day of rest in seven. The chief or acting chief of the
police department shall keep a time book showing the name and shield
number of each member of the department and the hours worked by each of
such police officers in each day. The town board may make a variation
from the above prescribed hours of vacation, provided the member shall
receive during each year the actual number of days absentee leave to
which he or she is entitled. The town board, at its option, may, in
addition to the days of rest hereinbefore provided, grant an annual
vacation with pay. Whenever the town board shall designate any police
officer to attend police school, such attendance shall be deemed in the
course of duty and when so attending he or she shall receive his or her
usual pay and reimbursement for actual and necessary expenses. Sick
leave with full pay may be granted whenever such sickness or disability
has been incurred without the delinquency of the police officer.