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This entry was published on 2014-09-22
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Application of article
§ 209. Application of article. Notwithstanding any other provisions of
this chapter, the town board of any town may, in the manner provided by
this article, establish or extend in said town, improvement districts as
defined in this article and provide improvements or services, or both,
in any such district, wholly at the expense of the district; but no
water supply district shall be established or extended to include lands
situate within the boundaries of a water district. Any improvement
district as defined in this article established pursuant to this article
or otherwise may be extended pursuant to the provisions of this article
or any other applicable provision of law. However, this article shall
not apply to the extension of any such improvement districts to which
the provisions of article thirteen of this chapter are applicable
without the prior approval in writing of a majority of the commissioners
of such district. No such district shall be established or extended in a
city or in an incorporated village provided, however, that such a
district may be established or extended wholly or partly within an
incorporated village on consent of the village expressed in a local law,
ordinance or resolution, subject to a referendum on petition under
section twenty-four of the municipal home rule law or a permissive
referendum under article five-a of the village law, as the case may be.