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This entry was published on 2014-09-22
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Appropriation for preparation of maps, plans and reports
§ 209-b. Appropriation for preparation of maps, plans and reports.
The town board may adopt a resolution, subject to a permissive
referendum in the manner provided in article seven of this chapter,
appropriating a specific amount to pay the cost of preparing a general
map, plan, and report for providing the facilities, improvements, or
services in any portion of the town not included within the boundaries
of any incorporated village, city or existing improvement district in
which such facilities or services are provided, except that all or part
of an incorporated village may be included therein on consent of the
village expressed in a local law, ordinance, or resolution, subject to a
referendum on petition under section twenty-four of the municipal home
rule law or a permissive referendum under article five-a of the village
law, as the case may be. All such maps, plans and reports shall conform
with the requirements of section two hundred nine-c of this article. The
town board may determine that such maps, plans and reports shall be
prepared by or under the supervision of town officers and employees to
be designated by the town board, or by persons to be employed for the
purpose, or the town board may contract for the preparation thereof
within the limitations of the amount appropriated. Except as otherwise
provided herein, the expense incurred for the preparation of such maps,
plans and reports shall be a town charge, and shall be assessed, levied
and collected in the same manner as other town charges. If the town
board shall thereafter establish or extend such district and construct
the improvements or contract for the required services pursuant to the
provisions of this article, the expense incurred by the town for the
preparation of the maps, plans and reports therefor shall be deemed to
be part of the cost of such improvement, or the rendering of such
services, and the town shall be reimbursed in the amount paid therefor,
or such portion of that amount which the town board, at the public
hearing held pursuant to section two hundred nine-d of this article,
shall allocate against such district.