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This entry was published on 2014-09-22
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Refuse and garbage improvement districts
§ 209-i. Refuse and garbage improvement districts. The purpose of a
refuse and garbage improvement district created pursuant to this article
may include, after complying with the provisions of this article for the
establishment of such a district, the prevention or reduction of waste
matter consisting of carbon components of energy waste from residential
properties and the performance of energy audits and the purchase and
installation of energy efficiency improvements on such residential
properties. The term "energy efficiency improvement", as used in this
subdivision, shall mean a material improvement made to an existing
residential property that reduces energy consumption, including but not
limited to caulking, weatherstripping, air sealing, insulation, heating
and cooling systems upgrades, solar thermal systems and conservation
measures, in a cost-effective manner as determined by the town,
provided, however, that "energy efficiency improvement" does not include
a household appliance, such as a washing machine or refrigerator, that
is not permanently fixed to real property. The term "energy audit", as
used in this subdivision, shall mean a formal evaluation by a qualified
contractor, who shall be approved by the town board, of the energy
consumption of a residential property for the purpose of identifying
methods to improve energy efficiency and reduce energy waste.