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This entry was published on 2014-09-22
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District commissioners
§ 211. District commissioners. In each such improvement district,
there shall be an annual election on the second Tuesday in the month of
December of each year. The terms of office of all district commissioners
elected or appointed prior to the time this chapter takes effect, shall
terminate on the thirty-first day of December, nineteen hundred
thirty-three. The first annual election shall be held on the fifth day
of December, nineteen hundred thirty-three and at such election the
qualified voters of the district shall elect one commissioner for a term
of one year, one commissioner for a term of two years and one
commissioner for a term of three years. At each annual election
thereafter one commissioner shall be elected for a term of three years
except as otherwise provided in section two hundred eleven-a of this
article. Every resident of the district who is qualified to vote for a
town officer, shall be eligible to hold the office of district