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This entry was published on 2017-01-13
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Annual election and notice thereof
§ 212. Annual election and notice thereof. The district commissioners
of such improvement district shall publish at the expense of the
district the notice of each election of improvement district
commissioners held pursuant to this article. Such notice shall be
published at least once in one or more newspapers having general
circulation in the district and the first publication thereof shall be
at least twenty days before the day of such election. The notice of
annual election shall specify the time when and the place or places
where such election shall be held and the hours during which the polls
will be open for the receipt of ballots. Notice of such election shall
also be posted on the websites of the district and the town in which the
district is located, if such websites are maintained, on the signboard
of the town, and conspicuously posted in three or more designated public
locations within the district, on or about the day on which such notice
is published. Such election shall be held at a suitable place or places
within the district designated by the district commissioners and the
polls shall remain open from six o'clock in the evening until nine
o'clock in the evening and such additional consecutive hours prior
thereto as the district commissioners may determine and specify in the
notice of such election. The board of commissioners of such district
shall designate for each district election not less than two nor more
than four resident taxpayers to act as election inspectors and ballot
clerks for each designated polling place. The board of commissioners
shall fix the compensation of such election inspectors and ballot clerks
in an amount not to exceed ten dollars per hour each for every hour or
part thereof of such service and such compensation shall be a charge
against the district. The board of commissioners shall cause to be
prepared the ballots for all elections, and may authorize the use of
voting machines at any annual or special election of the district in
accordance with article nine of the election law. After the polls shall
have been closed at any election, the election inspectors and ballot
clerks at each polling place shall immediately canvass the ballots cast
and shall publicly announce the result of the vote at that polling
place. Within twenty-four hours the chairman of the board of
commissioners, election inspectors and ballot clerks shall execute and
file a certificate of the result of the canvass with the board of
commissioners of the improvement district and with the clerk of the town
in which said district is located.