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Registration for voters and preparation of the voter register
§ 213-a. Registration for voters and preparation of the voter
register. 1. The board of commissioners of any improvement district in
which commissioners are elected may provide by resolution that a
proposition be submitted at any annual improvement district election
providing that additional personal registration of voters not registered
with the board of elections shall be permitted for all elections in such
improvement district.

2. Registration for all improvement district elections shall be
conducted as follows:

(a) Only those persons registered with the board of elections on or
before the twenty-third day before such election and those persons whose
names are placed on the improvement district register pursuant to the
provisions of this section shall be entitled to vote in such district.

(b) In improvement districts in which there is additional personal
registration, the board of commissioners shall publish a resolution at
least twenty-seven days prior to election day, which shall designate the
dates prior to registration day on which the inspectors of election
shall meet to commence the preparation of the register; the place in
each district where such meetings, registration, if any, and election
shall be held; the hours for such meetings, registration, if any, and
election; but in no event shall the hours for registration be less than
the hours from six o'clock in the evening until nine o'clock in the
evening. Such resolution shall be adopted at least thirty days prior to
election day.

(c) In an improvement district whose electors have approved additional
personal registration, such registration shall be held on the
seventeenth day prior to the annual district election, except in those
districts which provide by resolution adopted at least thirty-seven days
prior to the date of the first election for which it shall be effective,
for an additional day of registration to be held on the nineteenth day
prior to the annual district election. Such resolution shall remain in
effect for subsequent annual elections, unless amended, modified or

3. The register for the annual improvement district election shall be
prepared in each district by the inspectors of election thereof on the
days prior to registration day, if any, designated therefor, on the
registration day, if any, at the times and places designated by the
resolution of the board of commissioners. In preparing such register,
the inspectors of election shall comply with the following procedure:

(a) They shall adopt, use or copy from, the registration list
certified and supplied by the county board of elections the names
appearing thereon of all persons residing in the improvement district
and qualified to vote in such forthcoming annual district election. Such
register shall be completed by adding thereto the names of the persons
personally appearing before them and providing to their satisfaction to
then be or at the time of election qualified to vote.

(b) The register for each district shall include as a minimum the
space for the name of the voter, his address within the improvement
district and a space for his or her signature to be signed by the voter
on election day. Such register shall also contain a space for the
signature of the voter to be signed by such voter on registration day.
If the register shall contain only space for the name, address and
signature of the voter, the improvement district secretary shall furnish
a printed certificate to be signed by the voter who appears personally
before the inspectors of election on registration day if his name does
not already appear on the register. Such certificate shall contain a
statement that the person possesses all the necessary qualifications for
voting in improvement district elections. Such certificate shall be
accepted for all purposes as the equivalent of an affidavit, and if it
contains a material false statement, shall subject the person signing it
to the same penalty as if he had been duly sworn, and such provision
shall be printed in bold type directly above the signature line of the
certificate holder.

4. The improvement district secretary shall furnish the inspectors of
election, at district expense, with all necessary registration books,
papers, equipment and supplies.

5. In lieu of the provisions for designating the election inspectors
and ballot clerks, as set forth in section two hundred twelve of this
chapter, in improvement districts where additional personal registration
is permitted, the board of commissioners shall, by resolution adopted at
least forty days prior to the annual district election, designate a
resident improvement district elector to act as chairman of any election
of said district and shall designate not less than two nor more than
four resident district electors to act as election inspectors and ballot
clerks in such election. Such resolution shall fix the compensation of
the chairman and inspectors and, in addition, the board of commissioners
may provide for alternate inspectors who shall assume the office of
inspector upon the inability or refusal of an inspector to assume or
perform his duties and for any clerical help which they may deem
necessary. Such clerical help shall perform their duties under the
direction and control of the chairman and inspectors of election.