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This entry was published on 2014-09-22
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Completion of roll and hearing
§ 239. Completion of roll and hearing. The assessors or the town
board, as the case may be, shall file the assessment-roll when
completed, with the town clerk and thereupon it shall be the duty of the
town board to cause notice to be published at least once in a newspaper
published within the town, or, if there be none published in the town,
then in a newspaper published in the county and having a circulation
within the town, that said assessment-roll has been completed, and that
at a time and place to be specified therein the town board will meet and
hear and consider any objections which may be made to the roll. The
first publication of the notice of the completion of the roll shall be
not less than ten nor more than twenty days before the time to be
specified therein for the hearing.

At the time and place so specified, the town board shall meet and hear
and consider any objections to the assessment-roll, and may change or
amend the same as they deem it necessary or just so to do and may affirm
and adopt the same as originally proposed or as amended or changed, or
they may annul the same and order the assessors to proceed anew and to
prepare another roll or the town board may prepare such new roll. If a
new roll be prepared, upon the completion and filing thereof the town
board shall give notice of a public hearing thereon, hold such hearing
and consider objections and reject, correct, amend and affirm the new
roll in the manner herein provided with respect to the original roll. No
action or proceeding shall be maintained to set aside, vacate, cancel,
annul, review, reduce or otherwise test or affect the legality or
validity of any such assessment unless such action or proceeding shall
be commenced within thirty days after the said final assessment-roll
shall have been affirmed.