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This entry was published on 2014-09-22
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§ 265. Changes. 1. Such regulations, restrictions and boundaries may
from time to time be amended. Such amendment shall be effected by a
simple majority vote of the town board, except that any such amendment
shall require the approval of at least three-fourths of the members of
the town board in the event such amendment is the subject of a written
protest, presented to the town board and signed by:

(a) the owners of twenty percent or more of the area of land included
in such proposed change; or

(b) the owners of twenty percent or more of the area of land
immediately adjacent to that land included in such proposed change,
extending one hundred feet therefrom; or

(c) the owners of twenty percent or more of the area of land directly
opposite thereto, extending one hundred feet from the street frontage of
such opposite land.

The provisions of the previous section relative to public hearings and
official notice shall apply equally to all proposed amendments.

2. Amendments made to any zoning ordinance (excluding any map
incorporated therein) adopted pursuant to the provisions of this chapter
shall be entered in the minutes of the town board; such minutes shall
describe and refer to any map adopted in connection with such change,
amendment or supplement and a copy, summary or abstract thereof
(exclusive of any map incorporated therein) shall be published once in a
newspaper published in the town, if any, or in such newspaper published
in the county in which such town may be located having a circulation in
such town, as the town board may designate, and affidavits of the
publication thereof shall be filed with the town clerk. Such ordinance
shall take effect upon filing in the office of the town clerk. Every
town clerk shall maintain every map adopted in connection with a zoning
ordinance or amendment.