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This entry was published on 2014-09-22
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Adoption of first zoning ordinance
§ 266. Adoption of first zoning ordinance. 1. In order to avail itself
of the powers conferred by this article, such town board shall appoint a
commission to be known as the zoning commission to recommend the
boundaries of the various original districts and appropriate regulations
to be enforced therein.

2. Where a planning board already exists it may be appointed as the
zoning commission.

3. Such commission shall make a preliminary report and hold one or
more public hearings thereon as deemed appropriate by the commission
before submitting its final report.

4. The town board shall not hold its public hearing or take action
until it has received the final report of such commission.

5. Upon adoption of a resolution by the town board accepting the final
report, such commission shall cease to exist as a separate body.