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This entry was published on 2014-09-22
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SECTION 11-106
Required Refilings
Uniform Commercial Code (UCC) CHAPTER 38, ARTICLE 11
Section 11--106. Required Refilings.

(1) If a security interest is perfected or has priority when the act
enacting this Article takes effect as to all persons or as to certain
persons without any filing or recording, and if the filing of a
financing statement would be required for the perfection or priority of
the security interest against those persons under Revised Article 9, the
perfection and priority rights of the security interest continue until
three years after the effective date of Revised Article 9. The
perfection will then lapse unless a financing statement is filed as
provided in subsection (2) or unless the security interest is perfected
otherwise than by filing.

(2) A financing statement may be filed within six months before the
perfection of a security interest would otherwise lapse. Any such
financing statement may be signed by either the debtor or the secured
party. It must identify the security agreement, statement or notice
however denominated in any statute or other law repealed or modified by
the act enacting this Article, state the office where and the date when
the last filing, refiling or recording, if any, was made with respect
thereto, and the filing number, if any, or book and page, if any, of
recording and further state that the security agreement, statement or
notice, however denominated, in another filing office under the uniform
commercial code or under any statute or other law repealed or modified
by the act enacting this Article is still effective. Section 9-401 and
Section 9-103 determine the proper place to file such a financing
statement. Except as specified in this subsection, the provisions of
subsection (3) of Section 9-403 for continuation statements apply to
such a financing statement.