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This entry was published on 2014-09-22
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Delivery "Ex-Ship"
Uniform Commercial Code (UCC) CHAPTER 38, ARTICLE 2, PART 3
Section 2--322. Delivery "Ex-Ship".

(1) Unless otherwise agreed a term for delivery of goods "ex-ship"
(which means from the carrying vessel) or in equivalent language is not
restricted to a particular ship and requires delivery from a ship which
has reached a place at the named port of destination where goods of the
kind are usually discharged.

(2) Under such a term unless otherwise agreed

(a) the seller must discharge all liens arising out of the

carriage and furnish the buyer with a direction which puts

the carrier under a duty to deliver the goods; and

(b) the risk of loss does not pass to the buyer until the goods

leave the ship's tackle or are otherwise properly unloaded.