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This entry was published on 2014-09-22
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Seller's Remedies in General
Uniform Commercial Code (UCC) CHAPTER 38, ARTICLE 2, PART 7
Section 2--703. Seller's Remedies in General.

Where the buyer wrongfully rejects or revokes acceptance of goods or
fails to make a payment due on or before delivery or repudiates with
respect to a part or the whole, then with respect to any goods directly
affected and, if the breach is of the whole contract (Section 2--612),
then also with respect to the whole undelivered balance, the aggrieved
seller may

(a) withhold delivery of such goods;

(b) stop delivery by any bailee as hereafter provided (Section

(c) proceed under the next section respecting goods still unidentified
to the contract;

(d) resell and recover damages as hereafter provided (Section

(e) recover damages for non-acceptance (Section 2--708) or in a proper
case the price (Section 2--709);

(f) cancel.