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This entry was published on 2014-09-22
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Temporary assignments of judges and justices
Uniform City Court Act (UCT) CHAPTER 497, ARTICLE 1
§ 107. Temporary assignments of judges and justices.

The chief administrator of the courts may temporarily assign any judge
or justice of a city, town or village court to a city court within the
county of such judge's or justice's residence, or any adjoining county
within the same judicial district; provided, however, no town or village
justice may be temporarily assigned hereunder unless he or she is an
attorney admitted to practice law in this state for at least five years.
While temporarily assigned hereunder, any such judge or justice shall
have the powers, duties and jurisdiction of a judge of the court to
which the assignment is made. After the expiration of any temporary
assignment hereunder, the judge or justice assigned shall have all the
powers, duties and jurisdiction of a judge or justice of the court to
which the assignment was made with respect to all matters pending during
the term of such temporary assignment. Such judge or justice shall be
entitled to such compensation and travel expenses as the chief
administrator shall prescribe by rule. For purposes of this section, the
temporary assignment of a judge to a city court may include the
assignment of a part-time judge of such court to serve in the stead of a
full-time judge of such court during the latter's absence or a vacancy
in his or her position that has not been filled in accordance with law;
provided, however, that such assignment must be for a continuous period
of not less than two weeks nor more than three months.