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This entry was published on 2014-09-22
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Provisional remedies; procedure
Uniform City Court Act (UCT) CHAPTER 497, ARTICLE 8
§ 801. Provisional remedies; procedure.

Whenever the remedies set forth in § 209 of this act may issue out of
this court under the terms of said section, practice and procedure
thereon shall be governed, insofar as consistent with this act, by the
CPLR and such other provisions of law governing practice and procedure
thereon in the supreme court, subject to the following:

(a) The remedy may be executed only within the county against persons
or property within the county.

(b) When a return is required, the return shall be made to the clerk
of this court.

(c) 1. Where a notice of pendency may be filed with the county clerk,
pursuant to § 209(d) of this act, the original complaint shall be filed
simultaneously with such county clerk; service of summons shall
thereafter be made within the time provided in CPLR § 6512. A copy of
the complaint shall be sufficient for the purpose of filing the same,
after service thereof, with the clerk of this court.

2. Where a notice of pendency is filed with the county clerk after the
action has been commenced in this court, a copy of the complaint may be
filed therewith in lieu of the original complaint.