1. The Laws of New York
  2. Unconsolidated Laws
  3. Urban Development Corporation Act 174/68

Section 22 Exemption from taxation

Urban Development Corporation Act 174/68 (UDA)

The exercise of the powers granted by this act will be in all respects for the benefit of the people of this state, for the increase of their commerce, welfare and prosperity, and for the improvement of their health and living conditions, and will constitute the performance of an essential governmental function and the corporation and its subsidiaries shall not be required to pay any taxes, other than assessments for local improvements, upon or in respect of a project or of any property or moneys of the corporation or any of its subsidiaries, levied by any municipality or political subdivision of the state, nor shall the corporation or its subsidiaries be required to pay state taxes of any kind, and the corporation, its subsidiaries, projects, property and moneys and, except for estate and gift taxes and taxes on transfers, any bonds or notes issued under the provisions of this act and the income therefrom, shall at all times be free from taxation of every kind by the state and by the municipalities and all other political subdivisions of the state.