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This entry was published on 2014-09-22
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Assistance by state officers, departments, boards and commissions
Urban Development Corporation Act 174/68 (UDA) CHAPTER INTRO
§ 29. Assistance by state officers, departments, boards and
commissions. (1) The department of audit and control, department of law,
and all other state agencies may render such services to the corporation
within their respective functions as may be requested by the

(2) Upon request of the corporation, any state agency is hereby
authorized and empowered to transfer to the corporation such officers
and employees as it may deem necessary from time to time to assist the
corporation in carrying out its functions and duties under this act.
Officers and employees so transferred shall not lose their civil service
status or rights.

(3) In order most effectively to carry out its corporate purposes, the
corporation shall assist and cooperate with the corporation for urban
development and research of New York, created by the New York state
urban development and research act.