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This entry was published on 2014-09-22
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Assistance; application and evaluation, generally
Urban Development Corporation Act 174/68 (UDA) CHAPTER INTRO
§ 37. Assistance; application and evaluation, generally. (1) The
corporation shall develop guidelines for application for assistance
through each of its programs which are consistent with the rules
published pursuant to section 9-c of this act and pursuant to the state
administrative procedure act. Guidelines shall provide clear guidance to
potential applicants as to criteria for program eligibility, and shall
specify criteria used by the corporation in evaluating applications.

(2) The corporation shall prepare forms, application procedures and
evaluation processes which are consistent with the rules and guidelines
promulgated by the corporation and which are developed with the goal of
making them easily understandable to applicants.

(3) The corporation shall make available, with the department of
economic development, applications and guidance to applicants for each
of its programs of assistance at the regional offices of the department
of economic development.

(4) The corporation shall establish, by rule, procedures for (i) the
notification to each applicant for assistance of the receipt of such
application; (ii) notification to each applicant for assistance of such
additional materials as the corporation requires for evaluation of such
application; and (iii) periodic notifications not exceeding thirty days
apart to each applicant of the status of such application. Such rule
shall specify uniform time periods within which the corporation shall
make the notifications required by this paragraph.

(5) Whenever possible, the corporation shall render a determination on
an application within thirty working days of the receipt of a completed
application including necessary documentation. In the event that a
determination cannot be reached within the thirty working day period,
the corporation shall submit to the applicant a statement of the reasons
for such delay upon or prior to the expiration of the thirty working day

(6) Upon approval of an application for financial assistance, the
corporation shall inform the recipient of all steps which must be taken
in order to receive the promised assistance. The requirements imposed by
the corporation shall be pursuant to statute or rules adopted pursuant
to the state administrative procedure act.