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This entry was published on 2014-09-22
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Rules and regulations
Vehicle & Traffic (VAT) CHAPTER 71, TITLE 11, ARTICLE 48-C
§ 2402. Rules and regulations. With a view of achieving enjoyable and
proper use of ATVs and minimizing the detrimental effect thereof upon
the environment, rules and regulations relating to, but not limited to,
the following may be adopted and promulgated as herein provided.

1. The commissioner may adopt rules and regulations:

(a) for conducting special events as provided in section twenty-four
hundred eight of this article;

(b) for the administration and enforcement of the provisions of
section twenty-four hundred seven of this article relating to liability

(c) establishing a comprehensive ATV information and safety education
and training program or programs including provision for issuance of ATV
safety certificates for operation of ATVs by youthful operators;

(d) with respect to uniform signs or markers to be used by
governmental agencies which are necessary or desirable to control,
direct or regulate the operation and use of ATVs. Such signs as may be
designated for use on highways shall also be approved by the
commissioner of transportation; and

(e) with respect to such other matters as may be necessary or
desirable to provide for the effective administration and enforcement of
the provisions of this article.

2. Any state agency may adopt rules and regulations not inconsistent
with the provisions of the vehicle and traffic law in a manner
appropriate to such agency to permit or regulate the use of ATVs on
specifically designated land, including highways, under its