1. The Laws of New York
  2. Consolidated Laws
  3. Vehicle & Traffic
  4. Title 3: Safety Responsibility; Financial Security; Equipment; Inspection; Size and Weight; and Other Provisions
  5. Article 9: Equipment of Motor Vehicles and Motorcycles

Section 382-B Service brake system

Vehicle & Traffic (VAT)

Every motor vehicle of a passenger car or station wagon type, registered in this state and manufactured or assembled after June thirtieth, nineteen hundred sixty-seven, and designated as a nineteen hundred sixty-eight or later model, shall be equipped with a service brake system of such design that rupture or failure of an actuating force component of any single brake shall not result in complete loss of braking function. The braking function may be obtained by hydraulic or other means through the normal service brake mechanism.

  "Actuating force component" as used in this section shall mean the brake master cylinder, brake actuating cylinder, brake line, brake hose, or similar components performing like functions if the brake systems are other than hydraulic.

  In the event of rupture or failure of an actuating force component, the unaffected brakes shall be capable of applying an adequate braking force to the vehicle.