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This entry was published on 2014-09-22
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In-transit permits
Vehicle & Traffic (VAT) CHAPTER 71, TITLE 4, ARTICLE 14
§ 401-a. In-transit permits. The owner of a vehicle intended to be
operated upon a public highway or street only for the purpose of
transporting the same to a jurisdiction, within this state or to any
other state, where the same is to be registered, may file with the
commissioner or any agent of the commissioner an application for
issuance of an in-transit permit for such vehicle. The application shall
be made on a form furnished by the commissioner for such purpose and
shall contain such information as the commissioner shall require. If
satisfied that the vehicle is to be operated as provided in this
section, the commissioner shall upon payment of a fee of twelve dollars
and fifty cents assign to such vehicle a distinctive number and issue
and deliver to the applicant an in-transit permit, valid for a period of
thirty days from the date of issuance, in such form as the commissioner
shall prescribe, indicating the extent to which the vehicle covered by
such permit may be operated on the public highways and such vehicle may
be operated only as so indicated. Notwithstanding any inconsistent
provision of this section, the difference collected between the fees set
forth in this paragraph in effect on and after September first, two
thousand nine and the fees set forth in this paragraph in effect prior
to such date shall be deposited to the credit of the dedicated highway
and bridge trust fund.

If an in-transit permit is issued by a county clerk, acting as agent
of the commissioner, such county clerk shall be entitled to the sum of
thirty-five cents for each such in-transit permit issued, which sum
shall be deducted before remitting the fee for such in-transit permit to
the commissioner.

The provisions of this chapter with respect to the issuance and
display of number plates shall not apply to vehicles operated only as
provided in this section, and which display the in-transit permit issued
by the commissioner.