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Registration of motorcycles; fees; renewals
Vehicle & Traffic (VAT) CHAPTER 71, TITLE 4, ARTICLE 15
§ 410. Registration of motorcycles; fees; renewals. 1. Registration by
owners. No motorcycles shall be operated or driven upon the public
highways of this state without first being registered in accordance with
the provisions of this article, except as otherwise expressly provided
in this chapter.

Every owner of a motorcycle which shall be operated or driven upon the
public highways of this state shall, except as otherwise expressly
provided, cause to be filed, by mail or otherwise, in the office or a
branch office of the commissioner, or with an agent of the commissioner,
constituted as provided in this chapter, an application for
registration, addressed to the commissioner, and on a blank to be
prepared under the direction of and furnished by the commissioner for
that purpose, containing: (a) A brief description of the motorcycle to
be registered, including the name of the manufacturer and factory number
of such vehicle; (b) the name, residence, including county and business
address of the owner of such motorcycle.

2. Registration record. Upon the receipt of a sufficient application
for registration, as provided in this article, the commissioner or agent
receiving it shall register such motorcycle, and maintain a record of
the registration of such motorcycle under the distinctive number
assigned to such motorcycle, as provided in this section, and the
information in such record may be obtained upon payment of the fees
specified in section two hundred two of this chapter.

3. Certificate of registration. a. Upon the filing of such application
and the payment of the fee hereinafter provided, the commissioner shall
assign to such motorcycle a distinctive number and, without expense to
the applicant, issue and deliver in such manner as the commissioner may
select to the owner a certificate of registration, in such form as the
commissioner may prescribe, and a number plate at a place within the
state of New York named by the applicant in his application. In the
event of the loss, mutilation or destruction of any certificate of
registration or number plate, the owner of a registered vehicle may file
such statement and proof of the facts as the commissioner shall require,
with a fee of three dollars, in the office of the commissioner, or,
unless and until the commissioner shall otherwise direct, in the office
of the agent who issued the certificate or plate and the commissioner or
his agent, as the case may be, shall issue a duplicate or substitute. No
application for registration shall be accepted unless the applicant is
at least sixteen years of age.

b. Upon the issuance of a certificate of registration, the
commissioner shall provide the owner of such vehicle with a notice
regarding the laws governing unidentifiable motorcycle parts, in such
form and manner as the commissioner may prescribe.

4. Times for registration and reregistration. Registration applied for
and certificates issued under any application shall expire on a date
determined by the commissioner. Registration shall be renewed
periodically in the same manner and upon payment of the same annual fee
as provided in this section for registration, to take effect and to
expire on dates to be determined by the commissioner. Provided, however,
that the commissioner shall have authority to fix the length of time for
which any such vehicle which is registered without fee shall be
registered. Provided further, however, that renewal of a registration
may be used preceding the expiration date of such registration including
such expiration date.

5. Registration fees. a. The annual fee for registration or
reregistration of a motorcycle shall be eleven dollars and fifty cents.
Beginning April first, nineteen hundred ninety-eight the annual fee for
registration or reregistration of a motorcycle shall be seventeen
dollars and fifty cents.

b. Where a registration is made for a period of more or less than one
calendar year, the registration fee shall not be prorated. The
provisions hereof with respect to the payment of registration fees shall
not apply to motorcycles owned or controlled by the state, a city,
county, village or town or any of the departments thereof, or any school
district or county extension service association, but in other respects
shall be applicable.

6. Fees in lieu of taxes. The registration fees imposed by this
article upon such vehicles shall be in lieu of all taxes, general or
local, to which motorcycles may be subject.

7. "Motorcycle" as used in this section shall mean a motorcycle as
defined by section one hundred twenty-three of this chapter.