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This entry was published on 2014-09-22
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Distinctive number; form of number plates
Vehicle & Traffic (VAT) CHAPTER 71, TITLE 4, ARTICLE 15
§ 411. Distinctive number; form of number plates. 1. No person shall
operate or drive a motorcycle on the public highways of this state
unless such motorcycle shall have a distinctive number assigned to it by
the commissioner and a number plate issued by the commissioner with a
number corresponding to that of the certificate of registration
conspicuously displayed on the rear of such motorcycle, securely
fastened so as to prevent the same from swinging.

2. Such number plates shall be of such material, form, design and
dimensions and contain or set forth such distinguishing number or other
identification marks as the commissioner shall prescribe, provided,
however, that there shall be at all times a marked contrast between the
color of the number plates and that of the numerals or letters thereon,
and provided further that no motorcycle shall display the number plates
of more than one state at a time, nor shall any plate be used other than
those issued by the commissioner.

3. No person shall operate or drive a motorcycle upon the public
highways of this state having displayed thereon a number plate not
proper for such motorcycle under the provisions of this chapter and,
upon conviction for this offense, the number plate shall be surrendered
to the court for delivery to the commissioner.

4. No person shall knowingly authorize or permit a number plate issued
for a motorcycle owned and registered by him to be displayed on any
motorcycle other than a motorcycle to which such number plate has been
assigned by the commissioner, or upon which such number plate may
legally be displayed under a temporary certificate of registration
issued by a dealer under the provisions of section four hundred twenty
of this chapter.