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This entry was published on 2014-09-22
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Bumper quality label requirements
Vehicle & Traffic (VAT) CHAPTER 71, TITLE 4, ARTICLE 16
§ 416-a. Bumper quality label requirements. 1. It shall be unlawful
after January first, nineteen hundred ninety-three for any manufacturer
to sell or lease or to offer to sell or lease in this state for the
purpose of registration in this state any new passenger type motor
vehicle manufactured or assembled after said date designated as a
nineteen hundred ninety-three or subsequent model, except omnibus and
multipurpose passenger vehicles, unless such vehicle has affixed thereto
a bumper quality label, placed conspicuously upon that window or
windshield where the manufacturer's suggested retail price sticker has
been posted. The commissioner shall determine the size, type legibility
and placement of such label. Such label shall include the following
information: "This vehicle is equipped with a front bumper that has been
tested at an impact speed of (specified by vehicle manufacturer) _____
miles per hour and a rear bumper that has been tested at an impact speed
of (specified by the vehicle manufacturer) _______ miles per hour, and
has sustained no damage to the vehicle's body and minimal damage to the
bumper and attachment hardware. Minimal damage to the bumper means
damage that can be repaired with the use of a common repair materials
and without replacing any parts. The stronger the bumper, the less
likely the car will require repair after a low-speed collision."

2. The impact speed required to be specified in the notice pursuant to
subdivision one of this section is the maximum speed of impact upon the
bumper of the vehicle at which the vehicle sustains no damage to the
body and safety systems and only minimal damage to the bumper when
subjected to the fixed barrier and pendulum impact tests, and when
subjected to the corner impact test at not less than sixty percent of
that maximum speed, conducted pursuant to the practices, procedures and
regulations promulgated under the concurrent authority of the Federal
Motor Vehicle Information and Cost Savings Act (Cost Savings Act)(15
U.S.C. 1901 et seq.) and the National Traffic and Motor Vehicle Safety
Act (15 U.S.C. 1381, et seq.)

3. For purposes of this section, "no damage" means that, when a
passenger vehicle is subjected to applicable impact testing practices
and procedures, the exterior surfaces shall have no separations of
surface materials, paint, polymeric coatings or other covering materials
from the surface to which they are bonded, and no permanent deviations
from their original contours thirty minutes after completion of each
pendulum and barrier impact test, except where such damage occurs to the
bumper face bar and the components and associated fasteners that
directly attach the bumper face bar to the chassis frame. There shall be
no breakage or release of fasteners or joints except as described above.

4. Any manufacturer who violates subdivision one of this section,
without just cause, shall be subject to a civil fine of not more than
fifty dollars per vehicle with respect to which there has been a
violation of this section. Civil penalties so assessed may not be
deducted as an expense from any tax liability due to any local or state
tax jurisdiction.