1. The Laws of New York
  2. Consolidated Laws
  3. Vehicle & Traffic
  4. Title 5: Drivers' Licenses
  5. Article 19: Licensing of Drivers

Section 508 Administrative procedures

Vehicle & Traffic (VAT)

1. The commissioner shall appoint agents to act in his behalf with respect to the acceptance of applications and the issuance of licenses and permits prescribed in this article, and he may prescribe the internal procedures to be followed by such agents with respect to such matters.

  2. Any application required to be filed under this article shall be in a manner and on a form or forms prescribed by the commissioner. The applicant shall furnish all information required by statute and, except as otherwise provided in this title, such other information as the commissioner shall deem appropriate.

  3. License record. The commissioner shall keep a record of every license issued which record shall be open to public inspection during reasonable business hours. Provided, however, that the following information whenever contained within the record of non-commercial drivers' licenses and learners' permits shall not be open to public inspection: the photo image, social security number, client identification number, name, address, telephone number, place of birth, country of origin, place of employment, school or educational institution attended, source of income, status as a recipient of public benefits, the customer identification number associated with a public utilities account, medical information or disability information of any holders of, or applicants for, such licenses and permits, and whether such licenses or permits meet federal standards for identification or do not meet federal standards for identification. Neither the commissioner nor his agent shall be required to allow the inspection of an application, or to furnish a copy thereof, or information therefrom, until a license has been issued thereon.

  4. The commissioner may promulgate regulations with respect to the administration of the provisions of this article.

  5. The commissioner is directed to develop license application and renewal forms which shall solicit a voluntary one dollar donation from persons applying for or renewing a driver's license at the time of such application or renewal. Of monies collected pursuant to this subdivision, the first one hundred fifty thousand dollars shall be retained by the department to offset its initial program costs. Subsequently, five percent of any monies collected pursuant to this subdivision shall be retained by the department for continuing administrative costs. The remainder of such monies collected pursuant to this subdivision shall be deposited in the life pass it on trust fund established pursuant to section ninety-five-d of the state finance law, as added by chapter four hundred fifteen of the laws of two thousand three.