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This entry was published on 2014-09-22
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Reexamination of bus drivers
Vehicle & Traffic (VAT) CHAPTER 71, TITLE 5, ARTICLE 19-A
§ 509-bb. Reexamination of bus drivers. (1) Any person employed as a
bus driver who has on three occasions been the operator of a motor
vehicle involved in an accident of a nature or type set forth in section
five hundred nine-a of this article, where such accidents occurred
within an eighteen-month period, shall be subject to reexamination,
including a road test, as provided in this section; provided, however,
that if such person is subject to a period of disqualification pursuant
to section five hundred nine-c or five hundred nine-cc of this article,
such reexamination shall occur not more than forty-five days prior to
the completion of such period of disqualification; and provided,
further, that accidents in which the driver was completely without fault
shall not be included in determining whether such reexamination is

(2) The commissioner may require any person who meets the criteria set
forth in subdivision one of this section to submit to such an
examination as the commissioner shall deem appropriate. Every required
road test shall be administered on an appropriate vehicle defined as a
bus pursuant to section five hundred nine-a of this article.

(3) For purposes of this section, one such accident shall not be
counted if the person successfully completes a motor vehicle accident
prevention course approved by the commissioner.

(4) Upon the failure of the licensee to successfully complete a
reexamination authorized by this section, the commissioner shall take
such reasonable action as may be required. Such action may consist of
imposing restrictions on the use of the license of such person,
suspending such license for a definite or indefinite period, or revoking
such license. The commissioner may revoke or suspend for an indefinite
period the license of any person who after reasonable notice fails or
refuses to submit to such reexamination. No person whose license has
been suspended or revoked under this section shall be qualified to
operate a bus until such person successfully completes a reexamination
authorized by this section.

(5) Upon a driver's successful completion of a reexamination required
by this section, the commissioner shall issue an eighteen-month
probationary license to such driver and all of the provisions of section
five hundred ten-b of this article shall apply.